Best Body Corporate Strata Management Services in Gold Coast

Best Body Corporate Strata Management Firm in Gold Coast

Strata Dynamics is recognised as the quiet achiever in providing body corporate services in Gold Coast and with its passion for providing personal and highly professional strata management services to bodies
corporate and their committees, is rapidly becoming the body corporate manager of choice for discerning bodies corporate.

Strata Dynamics is staffed by a team of over thirty talented people who have specialist skills in all facets of strata title management. We work closely with our bodies corporate to provide an innovative approach towards body corporate management in Gold Coast, going beyond the specific strata laws governing their schemes.

At Strata Dynamics we have recognised that our clients don’t want to deal just with a Strata Manager.

They want to deal with people, people who can empathise with their unique situation and provide them with a strata management service that meets their special needs. One of the biggest complaints we hear in the industry is constant change over in body corporate managers. We have listened to our clients and as a result we have a strong emphasis on our work environment and staff retention. We value our staff and we do our best to keep them. This in turn allows us to provide the highest level of body corporate services in Gold Coast.

Our commitment to the needs of our clients and staff is clearly demonstrated in our annual independent industry-wide NPS study, where our clients were asked if they would recommend us to a friend for body
corporate services in Gold Coast. Year on year our team scores well above the strata title management industry standards.

Experience from the best body corporate management firm in Gold Coast

Recently Strata Dynamics celebrated 25 years of providing specialist strata management services and while continuing to draw on this experience, we are continually striving to improve by embracing the latest technology and strata title management practices.

Strata Dynamics manages a wide variety of strata title properties ranging from small townhouse projects to multi-unit mixed use high rise developments.

Our experience providing body corporate management in Gold Coast includes strata management services for the following type of strata schemes:

  • Hi-rise
  • Hotel/Serviced Apt
  • Mixed-use
  • Low-rise & Villas
  • Boutique
  • Medical
  • Commercial Offices
  • Industrial

Key Differences Using Us For  Your Gold Coast Body Corporate Management Services

Our strata managers are trained to return phone calls and emails promptly and without delay.

Solutions focus
We pride ourselves on always trying to present possible solutions or suggesting a course of action when presenting an issue to a committee for consideration. This stands out in the strata title management industry where often clients are left to their own devices with little to no input or support from the strata manager.

Staff retention
We have a medium sized team of wonderfully skilled people who have made a career out of body corporate management in Gold Coast. We work with our team to create a fantastic working environment to ensure we retain our members. This allows our strata managers to build strong client relationships and gain a thorough knowledge of your building and body corporate.

Our strata managers on average have six to ten years experience in providing strata management in Gold Coast. Some strata managers having over twenty-five years experience!

Accounts payable
As the appointed Strata Manager, we pay approved accounts weekly to ensure you maintain strong relationships with your contractors.

Maintenance team
For those bodies corporate without appointed building managers seeking a little more than simply body corporate services in Gold Coast, we have an experienced and dedicated maintenance team who assist a number of our clients with coordinating quotations, arranging works and organizing scheduled reoccurring maintenance.

Contact us today to find out more about our outstanding Strata Management Services!

Geography of Gold Coast

Gold Coast is almost fifty percent covered by forests. This includes rain-forest that dates back millions of years, islands covered in mangrove, and many patches of forests mainly filled with eucalypti. The city of Gold Coast remains in the southeast corner of Queensland, and the city stretches from Beenleigh to New South Wales. To the west of Gold Coast, the municipality borders a large part of the Great Dividing Range - this area is known by the population as the Gold Coast Hinterland. The Lamington National Park has protected this mountain range, and has also been recognized as a World Heritage area.