Signboard Application

Signboard Application

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This application is to obtain Body Corporate approval for the above mentioned lot to erect a signboard on common property at the front of the premises to assist with either the sale or the lease of the property, subject to the following conditions:

  • i. The lot owner accepts all responsibility for any potential loss, damage or injury caused as a result installation of the signboard;
  • ii. The lot owner absolves the body corporate of any potential claims against it as a result of the works;
  • iii. The lot owner accepts responsibility for removal of the signboard from the common property after 90 days or 7 days from the date of settlement (whichever comes first);
  • iv. The lot owner will ensure the sign is professional and remains in good repair during the period;
  • v. The agent will ensure the sign is installed securely against the elements / vandalism; and
  • vi. The lot owner acknowledges and adheres to all relevant by-laws of the scheme and local government restrictions on such signage.