Signboard Application

Signboard Application

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This application is to obtain Body Corporate approval for the above-mentioned lot to erect a signboard on common property to assist with either the sale or the lease of a property. The committee may impose conditions on their approval which may include (but may not be limited to) the below example conditions:

  1. The lot owner accepts all responsibility for any potential loss, damage or injury caused as a result installation of the signboard;
  2. The committee may direct the specific location where the sign is to be installed.The lot owner absolves the body corporate of any potential claims against it as a result of the installation;
  3. The lot owner accepts responsibility for removal of the signboard from the common property after 90 days or 7 days from a sale contract becoming unconditional (whichever comes first);
  4. The lot owner will ensure the sign is professional and remains in good repair during the period;
  5. The owner will ensure the sign is installed securely;
  6. The lot owner acknowledges and adheres to all relevant by-laws of the scheme and relevant government restrictions on such signage; and
  7. The lot owner and agent acknowledge that the sign is being installed on common property belonging to the body corporate. Accordingly, the body corporate may direct the owner or agent to remove the sign at its absolute discretion. If their instruction is not adhered to the body corporate may remove the sign and on charge the cost of removal to the lot.

Applicants please note, the above are example conditions only. The body corporate committee may have additional or different conditions that their approval may be subject to.